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2018 Municipal Information Access & Privacy Forum


Crowne Plaza Hotel
Toronto Airport
Algonqin Ballroom
33 Carlson Court, Toronto, ON
M9W 6H5

Friday, November 30, 2018

Balancing Information Access & Privacy

About the Forum

Municipal governments manage a broad range of highly sensitive information and records using myriad complex tools. Managing the storage, security and access to these records, while ensuring adherence to the needs of the public, law enforcement, and relevant privacy legislation, is a highly politically charged responsibility. How do you balance, information, access, privacy and security in the digital age? How do municipal professionals manage the often competing priorities of the legislative environment, with the need for good governance?

The annual AMCTO Information Access & Privacy Forum provides a platform for leading experts to share their insights on current and emerging issues and trends in access to information, and privacy matters affecting the municipal sector from a multi-stakeholder perspective.


  • Video Surveillance, Drones & Recording Devices: Balancing Security & Privacy
  • MFIPPA – What Would You Change and Why? – Round Table
  • Defining ‘Custody & Control’
  • Bill 68 and Closed Meetings – Update
  • Evolving Practices & Processes – Expert practitioners will answer your questions from the floor
  • Online Privacy & Access
  • The Connected Society: Trends & Emerging Technologies with FOI Implications
  • Highlights of the IPC Annual Report – Including Recent & Prospective Changes
  • The Future of Privacy
  • Interpreting Competing Priorities – Who has Primacy? – IPC/Ombudsman/MAH


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Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm (Breakfast and Registration begins at 8:00 am)

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