Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills in the Public Sector

The workshop will provide a theoretical and practical overview of conflict resolution and principles and will assist the participant to better deal with conflicts of all types. In addition, a necessary part of conflict resolution, incorporated in this workshop, is the ability to negotiate what one needs while not alienating relationships or sacrificing positive outcomes.
We will use examples from your daily workplace conflicts and will focus on the upcoming elections and how to deal with conflict.
To ensure the resolution of a successful agreement is binding, and the relationship is repaired or advanced, we will draft sample settlement agreements under various scenarios if a written agreement is required.
What you will learn:
  • We will explore the major dynamics in interpersonal and intergroup conflict
  • We will analyze conflict through lens of power, gender, culture, politics, and emotions
  • We will develop a method to resolve conflicts in a collaborative and inclusive manner
  • We will learn and apply various skills and techniques for successful negotiations between two or more parties
  • We will address how to craft a settlement once a dispute has been resolved in principle
Why attend:
  • You will learn your personal conflict style and how it affects both your interactions with others and the success of your efforts
  • You will understand that conflict is not always about the desired outcome for either party
  • You will discover how to resolve conflicts in a collaborative and sustainable environment
  • You will be able to analyze whether power, gender, culture, politics, or emotions are affecting the conflict, and how to deal with those elements of conflict resolution and negotiation
  • You will craft the terms of settlement agreements to solidify your resolution

Who should attend:
  • Anyone, although participants might need to be from the same or close to relative position (e.g. front-line, supervisor, manager, director, general manager) for the practical exercises
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation skills are powerful tools for all staff in the public sector
About the Trainer

After a lengthy career in municipal government, Brenda Glover operated her own legal practice, offering legal, human resources, and strategic consulting services.  Currently, she provides consulting expertise to various public and private sector clients relating to human resources, labour relations, human rights, codes of conduct, and municipal meetings. She has considerable expertise and experience in municipal management.
Brenda has taught at Osgoode Law School, Ryerson University, and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in negotiation and mediation, human resources, and labour relations.  Among other courses, Brenda currently teaches in the Public Administration Diploma Program at Seneca.
During her municipal career, Brenda was with the City of Etobicoke for sixteen years prior to joining the City of Toronto upon the amalgamation of the seven municipal governments in 1998. In Etobicoke, she was Clerk, Treasurer, and Human Resources Commissioner. While at the City of Toronto she was Executive Director of Human Resources and Amalgamation, a busy, complex and challenging position.
Additional Content
  • Another half-day could be specifically dedicated to resolving conflicts during an election campaign and subsequent voting, with real-life scenarios to work through;
  • Another half-day could be dedicated to the issue to gender in the public service, since a major audience of AMCTO are of the female-identified gender;
  • In the result, the workshop can run as a full day and then an optional ½ day or, combining the two sub-topics, a second total day. Or it can standalone as a full day.


County of Simcoe, Simcoe County Museum
1151 Highway 26
Minesing, ON  L9X 0Z7
(705) 728-3721

Deadline to register:
October 22