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Government Launches 2019 Pre-Budget Public Consultations
2018-12-12 5:25:05 PM

Last week Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli launched the government’s annual pre-budget consultations. Specifically, the Ontario Government is seeking input from Ontarians about how they can cut red tape, improve government programs and services, and save taxpayers’ money in the...

Government Repeals Green Energy Act
2018-12-10 3:45:30 PM

Last week the Ontario Government repealed the 2009 Green Energy Act which the government says raised the cost of electricity for families and businesses. The new Green Energy Repeal Act gives the provincial government the authority to halt approvals for energy projects wh...

Bill 66: Greenbelt Implications
2018-12-10 2:11:38 PM

Last week, the Ontario PC Government  introduced Bill 66, the Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act . Part of the Bill would allow municipalities to create “open for business” zoning bylaws that would allow municipalities to bypass numerous existing pieces of legislatio...

Government Announces Legislation to Reduce Burden on Job Creators
2018-12-07 10:43:00 AM

The Ontario Government yesterday proposed a package of over 30 actions that they say will reduce the regulatory burden on job creators. If Bill 66 passes, the Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act 2018 will “cut business costs, harmonize regulatory requirements with oth...

Auditor General Releases 2018 Annual Report
2018-12-06 11:24:42 AM

Ontario’s Auditor General yesterday released her 2018 Annual Report urging the province to ensure that transparency and accountability are consistent across government programs and services.  The Report outlined examples of overspending, lack of oversight, and soft-on-comp...

Minister of MMAH Acts on Commitment to Reducing the Reporting Burden
2018-12-05 5:14:39 PM

AMCTO is pleased that Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark has today sent out a letter to all Ontario municipalities stating his plan to address the reporting burden that is affecting the municipal sector. Minister Clark’s team will address these concerns ...

Government Announces Investment in Local Tourism
2018-12-05 10:31:18 AM

The Ontario Government yesterday announced that it is investing in festivals and events to boost local tourism and economic growth through the Celebrate Ontario 2019 program. Existing events that feature programming improvements and new events requiring programming support ma...

AGCO Cannabis Retail Regulation Guide
2018-12-04 9:57:51 AM

Last week the AGCO hosted a webinar for municipal staff that focused on issues surrounding municipal regulatory and operational responsibilities in the privately run cannabis retail sector. Using the information presented in this webinar, the AGCO has created a ‘Cannabis Reta...

Updated 2018 Municipal Councillor’s Guide Now Available
2018-12-03 5:12:31 PM

The updated 2018 municipal councillor’s guide is now available to help new and returning councillors and clerks meet their responsibilities to the people of their community. The Municipal Councillor’s Guide is intended to give a summary of the role of council and the councill...

New Resources Available for Managing Public Library Boards
2018-12-03 10:24:59 AM

Following the 2018 Ontario local government elections, municipal councils across Ontario will appoint library board trustees in compliance with the Public Libraries Act 1990 . A series of resources have been developed by the Ontario Library Boards’ Association, the Federatio...

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