April 2018
AMCTO Releases New Research on Municipal Council Compensation

2018-04-04 3:05:53 PM

AMCTO is pleased to release its latest research Report on Municipal Council Compensation in Ontario. The research stems from a survey of municipaliteis that was designed to gain a better understanding of how municipalities compensate their councils, create a resource for municipalities who are reviewing their council remuneration packages, and to add to the body of research about how local politicians are paid. While there has been a lot written about private sector compensation, there has been considerably less study of compensation for politicians at the local level. 

AMCTO collected data from 257 municipalities with several key findings that included: 

  • Only 14% of municipalities have a full-time head of council, while only 6% of municipalities have full-time councillors,

  • Larger municipalities are more likely to pay their councils a salary, and smaller municipalities are more likely to pay an honorarium or stipend,

  • While levels of pay vary widely across the Province, the majority of councillors and heads of council in Ontario are paid less than $40,000 per year.

Access the Full Report and Data Set:

For any questions or comments about this report, please contact Rick Johal, Director of Member & Sector Relations or Eric Muller, Policy Advisor. 


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