July 2018
Government Launches Audit and Commission of Inquiry

2018-07-23 2:55:18 PM


The government of Ontario announced that it will launch a line-by-line audit of government spending as well as an independent commission of inquiry into the province's past spending and accounting practices. The audit will be conducted by a yet-to-be-determined expert, while the commission of inquiry will be headed by former BC Premier Gordon Campbell and two other commissioners, Dr. Al Rosen and Michael Horgan. Its objective is to assess the previous government's accounting practices and provide advice and recommendations on how the government can restore trust in Ontario's finances. 

For more: 

Press Release: Ontario Government Restoring Trust in Public Finances Through Commission of Inquiry and Line-by-Line Audit of Spending

Backgrounder: Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry and External Line-by-Line Audit of Government Spending 


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