Executive Diploma in Municipal Management

EDMM Honour Roll


Honour Roll - Executive Diploma in Municipal Managment

Graduates of the AMCTO's diploma programs, who attain a final cumulative average of higher than 85%, will be placed on the AMCTO Honour Roll.

Congratulations to the following inductees from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016:

Kevin Lambert, Dipl.M.M. Captain, City of Ottawa and recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for the Executive Diploma in Municipal Management
Michael Moir, Dipl.M.M. Sign Painter/Designer, City of Ottawa
Dylan Ridsdale, Dipl.M.M. Specialist, Traffic Assessment, City of Ottawa
Ron Amos, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Kathryn Moyle, Dipl.M.M. Director of Clerks/By-Law Department, Township of King
Lori Sheehan-Graham, Dipl.M.M. Finance Specialist II, City of Ottawa
Elizabeth Siwicki, Dipl.M.M. Specialist, Policy Planning, City of Ottawa
Jason Smith, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Renato Pullia, Dipl.M.M. Chief Administrative Officer, County of Perth
Jason Bahm, Dipl.M.M. Financial Specialist II, City of Ottawa
Ryan Caouette, Dipl.M.M. Building Official II, City of Ottawa
Gibson Garrett, Dipl.M.M. Information Services/Planning Clerk, Town of Greater Napanee
Peter Kennedy, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Gregory Lough, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Edmund Potter, Dipl.M.M. Senior Operations Clerk, City of Ottawa
Geoff Rae, Dipl.M.M. General Manager/Secretary Treasurer, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
Lori Dennis, Dipl.M.M. Secretary II-Infrastructure, PW & Eng Dept., County of Renfrew
Andrew Orchard, Dipl.M.M. Commander, Technical Services, City of Ottawa
Tim Stuempel, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Lisiane Turcotte, Dipl.M.M. Assistant Superintendent, City of Ottawa
Adam Walker, Dipl.M.M. Project Officer, City of Ottawa
Cheryl Hunt, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Melissa Lavery, Dipl.M.M. Program & Project Management Officer, City of Ottawa
Michael F. Wildman, Dipl.M.M. Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Arnprior
Tim McNeely, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Jeff Cuthill, Dipl.M.M. Manager of Operations, Town of Greater Napanee
Jared Hebbs, Dipl.M.M. Zone Supervisor, City of Ottawa
Bruce Howarth, Dipl.M.M. Senior Planner, County of Renfrew
Kimberly Ross, Dipl.M.M. Building Technical Clerk, City of Ottawa
Andrea Blackburn, Dipl.M.M. Administrative Assistant, County of Renfrew
Cynthia Brenner, Dipl.M.M. Financial Specialist, City of Ottawa
Charles Croll, Dipl.M.M. Zone 5
Erica Hoppe, Dipl.M.M. Coordinator Utilities, Municipality of Chatham-Kent
Eva Mackaroon, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Renee Mask, Dipl.M.M. Manager, Financial Services, Town of Arnprior
Michael Sullivan, Dipl.M.M. Zone 3
Elizabeth Ozga, Dipl.M.M. Accounting Supervisor, County of Simcoe
Andrea Patrick, Dipl.M.M. Ontario Works Agent, County of Renfrew
Kevin Poll, Dipl.M.M. Firefighter, City of Ottawa
Mark Swallow, Dipl.M.M. Planner, County of Perth
Natalie Khoury, Dipl.M.M. Team Lead, City of Ottawa
Kathryn Loyen, Dipl.M.M. Program Coordinator, City of Ottawa
Jennifer Therkelsen, Dipl.M.M. By-law Enforcement Officer, City of Ottawa
Carrie Martin, Dipl.M.M. Program Manager, Strategic Planning and Performance Mgmt, Municipality of York
Geoff Linschoten, Dipl.M.M. Director of Facilities and Asset Management, Public Works Commission, City of Brantford