CMO Maintenance of Designation - 2018 Deadline

Posted by: Rick Johal
2017-09-08 9:40:56 AM

The “maintenance of designation” requirement for CMO Holders is undertaken every three years. Our first maintenance year begins in 2018 for all holders prior to 2016. 

As such, each CMO holder will need to submit a PDU log to AMCTO by December 31st 2018 in order to continue use of the CMO designation.  

Failure to submit a PDU log that is approved by reviewers in 2018 can result in losing the right to utilize the CMO designation moving forward.

AMCTO staff will begin accepting and reviewing CMO PDU logs as of January 2nd, 2018. Holders need to ensure their PDU log is up-to-date and professional development activities are reflected accurately. More detail on the process is visualized below: 

Once approved, the CMO Holder will be granted the right to maintain the CMO designation subject to another maintenance period in three years’ time.

For more information, please check out our recently produced FAQs regarding the maintenance of designation and view the Sample CMO PDU Log.  You can also contact AMCTO’s Accreditation Coordinator Tawanda Chirenda if you have additional questions.


The AMCTO Accreditation Team