Professional Accreditation


Certified Municipal Officer  

Today’s ever evolving municipal environment demands management professionals who possess diverse skills,
knowledge, visionary leadership, and problem solving ability. The CMO is that kind of individual.

The CMO is Ontario’s only professional designation that maps onto and accredits the core skills, knowledge and expertise required to be a successful municipal manager, regardless of operation area.

CMO Competency Framework

CMO applicants are required to demonstrate skill and knowledge in 8 key areas of municipal management as identified in AMCTO’s Definition of Practice for Municipal Management, which outlines the core competencies required to be an effective local government manager. 
  1. Municipal Operations
  2. Communication
  3. Service Delivery
  4. Government Relations and Citizen Engagement
  5. Strategic and Organizational Management
  6. Human Resources Management
  7. Financial Management
  8. Leadership

Become a CMO and differentiate yourself from your peers. Demonstrate that you are an accomplished municipal management professional.

Are You Ready To Apply For The CMO?

Utilize the CMO infographics below (click to enlarge) or begin reviewing the program resource materials to assist you in navigating the CMO journey.


CMO Accreditation Handbook
CMO Registration Form


CMO Self-Assessment Checklist
How To Complete Your CMO


CMO Submission Candidate Evaluation Criteria


PDU Maintenance Program Guidelines
Sample CMO PDU Log
CMO PDU Log Form
PDU Log - FAQs
CMO Mentors