Communities FAQ


What is Subscribe?: When you are subscribed to a community or forum you will receive email updates when new content is posted.

Subscribe: When new content is created, you can opt in to get those updates. You can subscribe to any forums, forum topics, wikis, blogs, and blog entries that interest you. To subscribe to a community click on the “subscribe” link on the left hand side menu while in that community. To subscribe only to a forum or specific forum topic, click “subscribe” while viewing that specific forum or specific topic in a forum. Subscribing a form topic means that you will receive an email notification for each reply that follows the original post.

Unsubscribe: You can opt out of these emails by clicking the Unsubscribe links for the community, the announcements, or any specific area of the community from which you don't want updates.

To set your preferences: You can use communities without subscribing, however spending time setting your subscription and email preferences is key to achieving the flow of update notifications that works best for you.
Under “My Account” click “My Communities”. This will show you the communities, and sections in specific communities that you are subscribed to. To stop receiving emails from a community, click “Unsubscribe” beside that community or section within a community.

Duplicate Emails: If you are subscribed to a Forum and also subscribed to a Topic in that forum you will receive two emails for each post to that topic. To avoid duplicate emails, only subscribe to the Forum or to the specific Topic but not both. You can manage your subscriptions in Membership - - > My Account - -> My communities . Click unsubscribe (on right) from the Forum Topic for Communities where you are subscribed to both the Forum and the Forum Topic .


How to reply to a post in the forum: To add a reply to a forum topic , click on that topic from the forum page . This will bring you to a page with only the forum topic and the replies to that topic. At the bottom of that page you will see a section called “Create a Reply” with a big text box. Enter your reply here and click “Save” .

How to edit or delete your reply: You can edit or delete a reply that you have made to any forum topic. Simply browse to the forum topic itself and you will see a red “edit” and “delete” button at the bottom of the post. Click edit to bring up the editing window with the text you had previously posted. Click delete to remove your reply altogether.

How to create a new topic: Creating a topic is like staring a conversation. If you have a new topic that you would like to discuss or question to ask, then you will want to create a new topic. To create a new topic in a forum, go to the forum that you would like to start your topic in (for example Elections - -> General Discussion). At the top right corner of the page you will see a red link called “Add a topic”. Click on this link to create your new forum topic and start a discussion. A pop up box will appear. In this box enter a title for your topic (this is required) and then enter some text in large editing box. If you would like to add an attachment (like a pdf) then click on attachment button at the bottom left. When you are finished click “Save”.

If needed you can go back and edit your topic, or delete it if needed. Simply click on the red edit or delete buttons that show below it. You will be able to delete or edit only the topics your created.