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2019 Municipal Clerks Forum


Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Airport
6257 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1E4

The Annual AMCTO Municipal Clerks Forum is the premier professional development event for Ontario Municipal Clerks, bringing together issues experts, expert practitioners, and academics to share insights and practical strategies for effectively managing current and impending challenges and opportunities facing today’s municipal clerks. 

Live streaming Event Locations for 2019 Municipal Clerks Forum

AMCTO will be offering this event via live streaming in Zone 6, North Grenville on April 12, 2019. 

To register to attend at this location, please contact Jeanne Moon.

Agenda (please click to download)

Developing Technical, Operational & Legal Standards for Online Voting

Professor Aleksander Essex will outline the work he and Dr. Nicole Goodman (Assistant Professor at Brock University and Director, Centre for e-Democracy) have undertaken to date on developing standards and procedures for administering electronic elections.

Dr. Aleksander Essex, Ph.D., P. Eng., Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Western University, London, Ontario

The Logistics of Electronic Voting in the 2018 Municipal Elections: What Went Right? What Went Wrong?

This panel will share their insights on the roll-out of electronic voting in the 2018 Municipal Elections.
2018 marked the 5th election since they first utilized electronic voting. Kim Kitteringham, Clerk for the City of Markham will provide expert insights into the 2018 roll-out. 

During the 2018 municipal elections, 51 municipalities experienced a significant glitch with their internet voting election. We will hear from both the vendor involved, as well as a representative from an effected municipality on what went wrong, how they responded to the challenge, what steps were involved including communication strategies, how it was ultimately resolved, and what they learned from the experience, including steps being put in place to mitigate risk in subsequent electronic elections

Stephen Beamish, Regional Sales Manager, Dominion Voting, Canada
Jeff Smith, B.A., M.A. Deputy Clerk, Council and Information Services, Township of Woolwich
Kimberley Kitteringham, City Clerk, Legislative Services, City of Markham 

2018 Toronto Election Case Study: Managing Through Uncertainty

The City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk of the City of Toronto, will provide an overview of how they coped with the significant changes to the number of wards implemented just 21 days before the start of advance vote and 31 days before election day. The presentation will include lessons learned and key steps that enabled the City Clerk to manage the election successfully through these changes.

Ulli S. Watkiss, City Clerk, City of Toronto
Fiona Murray, Deputy City Clerk, Election Services, City of Toronto

Ranked Ballots: 2018 London Election Case Study

On May 1, 2017, despite the City Clerk's recommendation to the contrary, the City of London Municipal Council passed a By-law, after undertaking public consultation, to provide for the 2018 Municipal Elections and future Municipal Elections to be conducted using a ranked ballot.  Being the first municipality in Ontario to conduct a ranked ballot election, a number of challenges were presented including sourcing a vendor and technology for the election, developing a communication plan for candidates and the public, as well as setting expectations on results display and timing on Voting Day.  This presentation will discuss how the City Clerk and Elections Office staff dealt with these challenges as well as the outcomes of our ranked ballot election.

Cathy Saunders, MPA, RPP, City Clerk, City Clerk’s Office, City of London
Sarah Corman, Manager of Licensing and Elections at City of London

Paul Craft & Kate McGregor, Partners, Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group, USA
(Voting System Consultants, providing system testing, security analysis and consulting services to federal, state and local election officials)

Digital Security & Cyber Threat Readiness

Ransomware has recently become a mainstream topic as a result of some high-profile attacks. It is part of a multibillion-dollar online crime industry and thousands of new attacks are launched every day. Many Ontario businesses and several municipal governments have recently faced an attack on their computer systems with malware that encrypts data on those systems to disable them. The attackers then demand a ransom to unlock the compromised systems.

During this session you will learn about the prevalence of cyberattacks and also hear a first-hand account of dealing with a ransomware breach. Expert panelists will share insights on steps resource-strapped municipalities can take to protect themselves against breaches, and what key steps to take once you do experience a ransomware attack.

Vern Crowley, Detective Sergeant, Ontario Provincial Police, Cybercrime, Investigation Team, GHQ Orillia, Ontario
Amanpreet Singh Sidhu, Director of Corporate Services/Town Solicitor, Town of Midland
Sara Runnalls, FCIP, CRM, Vice President and Associate - Public Sector Risk Advisor, BFL Canada 
Shawn Slack, Chief Information Officer, City of Mississauga
Simon K. Shek, Manager, Risk Management, City of Mississauga

Electronic Record Keeping Policies & Custody or Control 

Elected officials have access to volumes of information regarding municipal services from which their deliberations and decisions commence. When elected officials, and municipal employees dare to take those deliberations leading to a decision onto their own personal email, text, (private) social media accounts, the consequences resulting from a formal access request stage a showdown between several parties – requester, municipal staff, and adjudicating bodies such as the IPC.

The plain language reading of the phrase “custody and control” may lead many to use unapproved information repositories, such as email accounts, in an effort to not publicly share candid conversations; however these actions fail to support the key principle of MFIPPA, that information should be available to the public, exemptions from the right of access should be limited and specific, decisions on the disclosure of information should be reviewed independently of the institution controlling the information; and to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves held by institutions and to provide individuals with a right of access to that information.

In this session expert practitioners will debate the fine points of Custody OR Control looking at relevant recent developments and orders, to help practitioners improve their understanding of their responsibilities when faced with truth, dare and consequence scenarios.

Moderator: John Daly, Director of Legislative Services and County Clerk, Statutory and Cultural Services, County of Simcoe 
Wendy Law, Deputy City Solicitor, City of Mississauga
David Potts, City Solicitor, Manager of Legal Services, City of Peterborough
Else Khoury, Deputy Clerk, Township of West Lincoln


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