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2019 Municipal Licensing and Law Enforcement Forum


Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Airport
Windsor Hall Ballroom (lower level)
6257 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1E4


Thursday, May 23 - Friday, May 24, 2019

Please note that registration for this event is now closed as we have reached maximum capacity.

AMCTO's annual Municipal Licensing & Law Enforcement Forum will help you stay ahead of the curve on current issues and emerging trends in the field of municipal licensing and by-law enforcement, while providing you with great interaction and professional networking opportunities.

This forum is developed by AMCTO in partnership with the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers' Association (MLEOA), Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers (OAPSO) and the Prosecutors Association of Ontario (PAO).


Day 1 - Thursday, May 23, 2019

Cannabis Legislation: What’s Now? What’s Next?

Recreational cannabis has been legalized in Canada since October 17th, 2018.  So, what has happened and what are the lessons learned since that date?  The following 2 panels will provide a variety of viewpoints from the provincial, municipal and law enforcement perspectives.

Cannabis Legislation: What’s Now? What's Next? - The Provincial Perspective

Representatives from MAG and AGCO will provide their insights regarding the roll-out to date with the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), AGCO licensing of storefronts, resources and tools being made available to municipalities to support the roll-out, and outline the next stage of implementation including edibles.

Renu Kulendran, Executive Director, Legalization of Cannabis Secretariat, Ministry of the Attorney General
Martha Otton, Chief Strategy Officer, Strategy and Policy Division, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)

Cannabis Legislation: What's Now? What’s Next? The Practitioners Perspective

This practitioners panel will share their insights on :
The municipal perspective relating to the roll-out, including: public complaints, noxious odours, illegal storefronts; prosecutorial challenges;

Municipalities that have, or are seeking, provincial designation to enforce the Cannabis Control Act; Smoke Free Ontario Act enforcement and more restrictive municipal by-laws.

Moderator: Shayne Turner, Director of Municipal Enforcement Services, City of Waterloo
David Miller, Ward 4 Councillor, County of Brant
Mark Sraga, Director, Investigation Services, Municipal Licensing and Standards, City of Toronto
Rachel Huggins, Deputy Director,  Executive Lead - Cannabis Legislation, Ontario Provincial Police
Raimondo Maltese and Noushin Mazrooyi, Solicitors, Legal Services Division, Prosecutions Section, City of Toronto
Garry Anderson, Manager of Property Standards and By-laws, City of Brantford

Business Licensing and By-laws: Best Practices

This panel will examine best practices around the province as it relates to: licensing categories - what to license and not license in your particular municipality that provides value and can be effectively enforced, the decision whether to amend existing by-laws, or to repeal and start from scratch.

Tracey Burrows, MMM III, Municipal Law Enforcement Executive, CPSO, MLEO (c), President, TLB Municipal Consulting Services
Kathleen Chafe, Business Licensing Compliance Officer, City of Cambridge
Michael Foley, Manager, Mobile Licensing Enforcement, City of Mississauga

Large Unsanctioned Gatherings: A Growing Concern for Municipalities

Unsanctioned gatherings on public property can be a concern for many municipalities and seems to be particular concern for municipalities with post-secondary institutions.  Events such as St. Patrick’s Day and Homecoming are seeing increasing number of people taking to the streets and neighborhoods to celebrate, causing increased risks to public safety.  Public safety agencies, such as the police, fire services, paramedic services and by-law enforcement are all having to increase their response to these occurrence, causing a significant drain on resources.  This panel will hear from municipalities such as Waterloo, London, Guelph and Ottawa, with a focus on the challenges they are experiencing and how they are implementing operational plans to address this public safety concern.

Moderator: Shayne Turner, Director of Municipal Enforcement Services, City of Waterloo
Chris Mulhern, Manager of Compliance and Standards, City of Waterloo
Orest Katolyk, Chief Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, City of London

David Wiedrick, Manager, Bylaw Compliance, Security and Licensing, City of Guelph
Jennifer Therkelsen, Coordinator, By-Law and Regulatory Services,  City of Ottawa, Board of Directors, OAPSO

Lottery License Review and Update

An in depth discussion focusing on the challenges municipalities face with both enforcement and interpretation of lottery license regulations. AGCO will provide an overview of their present initiatives including any new amendments, lottery license policy manual updates, eligibility rules and everyday challenges, Raffles and Break Open Tickets..

Moderator: Tracey Burrows, MMM III, Municipal Law Enforcement Executive, CPSO, MLEO (c), President, TLB Municipal Consulting Services
Roger Wilson, B.A.A., MCSE, Lottery Licensing Clerk, City Clerk’s Office, City of Brampton
Rusty Parr, Senior Gaming Registration Officer, Licensing and Registration Branch, AGCO
Leslie Fenton, Senior Manager, Policy and Planning Branch, AGCO

Case Law and Legislative Update: Recent Decisions from Ontario’s Courts

A legal expert will provide an overview of recent court decisions and provincial legislation, which are of significance to municipalities from a licensing and enforcement perspective.

Gadi Katz, Solicitor, Legal Services Division, Prosecutions Section, City of Toronto

Day 2 - Friday, May 24, 2019

Vehicles for Hire: Where are We Now?

Municipalities are at varying stages of moving toward a comprehensive regulatory framework encompassing all vehicles for hire, including limos, taxis, and ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Exert panelists will discuss their experiences with implementing various regulatory models, outlining challenges, success and lessons learned.


Stuart Huxley, Senior Legal Counsel, City of Ottawa will share his experiences on the status of the class action and how Ottawa successfully defended an application challenging its VFH By-law.
Mike Foley, Manager Mobile Licensing Enforcement, City of Mississauga will share the report back on the Transportation Network Company (TNC) Pilot Project allowing ride-sharing companies such as Uber to operate legally in the City and the expected recommendations for permanent TNC regulations to City Council for the purpose of protecting consumers and public safety.
Jessica Stanley, Senior Policy & Research Officer, City of Toronto will share an overview of the Vehicle-for-Hire By-law Review, including updates on a Congestion Management Study, Economic Impact Study and an Accessibility Strategy.

OSPCA: Recent Ruling Questioning its Enforcement Powers

On January 2, 2019, Superior Court Justice Timothy Minnema ruled that sections within the Ontario SPCA Act violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and gave the Province 12 months to make changes to ensure there is more transparency and accountability in animal welfare enforcement in Ontario. 

On March 4, 2019, the Ontario SPCA announced that effective March 31, 2019 they would no longer be enforcing the Act.  They have since come to an agreement with the Province to extend that date to June 28, 2019. In the aftermath Municipalities, Police Services and other provincial ministries have been left wondering how this will impact their services and how the welfare of animals in the Province will be protected moving forward.

Join us for a panel discussion to explore the impact the court decision and subsequent announcement could have on service delivery at the Municipal level as well as what it means to animal welfare.

Kathy Duncan, B. Sc., Manager, Animal Services, Community Services, City of Brampton
Jennifer Bluhm, Deputy Chief Inspector, Training, Investigations, Ontario OSPCA
Brian Shiller, General Counsel, Ontario OSPCA
Detective Sergeant George Douglas, 22 Division, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Peel Regional Police

Educating/Engaging New Councils about Licensing Enforcement Issues:

Keeping councilors out of the weeds, providing strategic high level information to engage and educate, and to set expectations upfront and not to have them interfere in daily operations is a sensitive balancing act.  
This panel will discuss what kind of questions that the councilors ask, what are they looking for and how best to provide this. Issues that will be addressed are: the importance of maintaining the independence of Prosecutors and by-law enforcement and ensuring that the council understands the necessity of this.

Stuart Huxley, Senior Legal Counsel, City of Ottawa
Tanya Daniels, Deputy Clerk/Manager, Licensing and Administrative Services, City of Brantford
Helen Fylactou, Manager of Licensing, City of Kitchener


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8:30 am - 4:00 pm (Breakfast and Registration begins at 8:00 am)

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