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Canadian Urban Institute Releases New Site Alteration By-Law Language Tool
2016-10-07 12:56:41 PM

The Canadian Urban Institute’s site alteration by-law language tool was launched on September 28, 2016. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MMA) funded development of this interactive, online tool to help build the capacity for municipalities to use site alteration by-laws to ...

Applications Open for the Places to Grow Implementation Fund
2016-08-29 2:51:18 PM

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is now accepting applications for the Places to Grow Implementation Fund, which is intended to fund projects that support the goals of the province's growth plans. Specifically, the grants are designed for projects that: Increase knowledge...

Nominations Open for 2016 Dazzling Notice Awards
2016-08-08 5:35:57 PM

Applications are now open for the 2016 Dazzling Notice Awards. The awards recognize municipalities that make a substantial effort to inform the public about opportunities for citizen participation and actively encourage their citizens to get involved. Prizes will be awarded in...

Ontario Government Releases Proposed Regulations for Inclusionary Zoning
2016-05-26 2:48:35 PM

Last week the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) released a proposal for inclusionary zoning regulations under the Planning Act. Inclusionary zoning is a policy tool that requires affordable units be included in new residential developments. This regulatory propo...

Oakville Mayor Weighs in on OMB Reform
2016-05-16 7:18:15 PM

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton published an op-ed last week in the Toronto Star  setting out a series of proposals for reforming the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). His proposals include: Exclude the board from hearing appeals of applications for amendments to provincially appr...

Government Releases Proposed Changes to Land Use Plans
2016-05-16 7:08:50 PM

Last week the government released a proposal for updating land use plans for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Greenbelt, Oak Ridges Morraine, and Niagara Escarpment. The updated plans would: Add lands within 21 major urban river valleys to the Greenbelt, along with seven coa...

Government Considering an Increase to OMB Fees
2016-03-21 1:10:03 PM

The Ministry of the Attorney General is seeking feedback on a new proposal to increase the fees and set a flat fee structure for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). If approved, the fee to institute a new proceeding at the OMB will be increased from $125 to $300. The current ra...

Bill 73 Regulations Released
2016-03-02 4:08:57 PM

The province has released a series of regulatory proposals as part of Bill 73, the  Smart Growth for Our Communities Act.  These regulations include: Adding a requirement to the official record that is sent to the OMB following an appeal of a minor variance Revising ...

OPPI Survey for Non-Planners
2016-02-19 8:11:50 PM

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) is conducting a survey as it works on a new strategic plan. See below for more information: Not A Planner? OPPI Wants To Hear From You The world is changing and, so too, is the planning profession. The Ontario Professional...

Minister Supports Reduced Role for OMB
2016-01-04 3:41:53 PM

Speaking in a year-end interview, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ted McMeekin indicated that he would be in favour of a reduced role for the Ontario Municipal Board. Specifically, McMeekin said that he doesn't support the notion that the OMB should be able to overri...

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