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Government Releases Long-Term Energy Plan
2017-10-30 4:45:56 PM

Last week the government released the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan. The plan sets out the government's energy strategy for the next several years, and includes the its plan for reducing electricity bills by 25 percent. Read the full plan here .  

Government Creates Climate Change Fund
2017-08-24 3:19:34 PM

Last week at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference in Ottawa, the Government of Ontario launched a new granting program that will invest in local municipal projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The new Municipal GHG Challenge Fund , wil...

List of Bills Passed During the Spring Session
2017-06-05 8:50:06 AM

During its spring sitting the Ontario legislature passed 17 bills, addressing a range of issues from energy, housing, and healthcare, to the economy and municipal affairs. Here is a full list of the bills passed:  Bill 27 , Burden Reduction Act  Designed to reduc...

Government Passes Mining Act
2017-05-18 10:49:57 AM

Last week the government passed Bill 39, the Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act . The legislation is designed to modernize regulations around mining and resource extraction, while also improving environmental protection and generating new economic development. ...

BPS Energy Reporting Portal Now Open
2017-04-28 12:20:02 PM

The BPS reporting portal is now open for municipalities to report on their energy consumption for the 2017 reporting period. Public sector organizations, including municipalities, are required to report on their energy consumption as a result of O. Reg. 397/11. Information on...

First Ministers Reach Climate Deal
2016-12-12 9:14:01 AM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and most of Canada's provincial premiers signed a pan-Canadian climate deal last week. The deal includes targets to help Canada meet its 2030 emissions reduction targets. With the exception of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, all other provinces signed ...

New Poll Shows Support for Wind Turbines in Rural Areas
2016-12-02 10:30:43 AM

New polling, released by Forum Research, shows relatively strong support for the use of wind turbines. Support is strongest in Northern Ontario and weakest in South Western Ontario where wind turbines have become common. The data also shows a clear generational divide, with yo...

Government Consulting on Long-Term Energy Plan
2016-10-17 6:12:37 PM

The government launched consultations last week as it works to develop Ontario's next Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP). As part of its outreach, the Ministry of Energy released a consultation guide that is intended to help guide feedback from citizens and stakeholders. Topics of...

Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund
2016-10-06 1:54:23 PM

As part of Ontario’s Great Lakes Strategy, the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund was established to help people take action to protect and restore their corner of the Great Lakes.  This fund may be of interest the following eligible groups within your respective community: ...

Hyrdo One Sale Nets the Government $3.2 Billion for Infrastructure Projects
2016-08-30 6:10:17 PM

The government announced today that it has raised an additional $3.2 billion from the sale of Hydro One shares, which will be used to fund infrastructure. The newly raised money will be placed in the Ontario Trillium Trust, alongside a previously announced $1.35 billion. In to...

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