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Using Tax Increment Financing to Pay for Transit
2016-04-25 1:30:02 PM

A new paper, published recently by the Institute for Municipal Finance and Governance, explores whether tax increment financing (TIF) should be used to help fund large infrastructure projects. Drawing on the Sheppard East subway extension in Toronto, the paper finds that TIF w...

MPAC 2016 Assessment Update
2016-04-08 7:09:12 PM

MPAC has provided an update on its 2016 assessment. The update outlines several changes that MPAC says will improve how municipalities and property owners plan for and manage their new 2016 assessment. You can find the assessment update here .

No Amendments to Budget Implementation Bill
2016-04-08 7:05:19 PM

Bill 173, the government's budget measures bill moved through committee without being amended. The Liberal government (which holds a majority on the committee) did not put forward any amendments, and suggestions proposed by the opposition parties were not adopted. The bill has...

2016 Federal Budget Update
2016-03-22 9:40:07 PM

Today Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the 2016 Federal Budget,  Growing the Middle Class.  AMCTO will conduct a more thorough analysis of the budget over the coming days and weeks, but here are a few of the highlights: Fiscal Outlook:  Deficit: $29.4 billion for ...

RCCAO Calling for a Canadian Infrastructure Bank
2016-03-07 1:54:39 PM

Last month the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) released a report, authored by University of Toronto professor Matti Siemiatycki, calling on the federal government to examine the possibility of creating a Canadian Infrastructure Bank. Key findings...

2016 Ontario Budget Update
2016-02-25 9:37:51 PM

Today the government released its 2016 budget, titled Jobs for Today and Tomorrow.  AMCTO is happy to see the government take action on the sharing economy and infrastructure, two of the priorities identified in our pre-budget submission. Over the coming days AMCTO will be co...

Federal Transfer Payment Details Released
2015-12-22 5:31:40 PM

Over the weekend, the federal government released the details of its transfer payments to the provinces. Overall, the announcement was good news for Ontario, which is received an increase of $866 million in transfers for 2015-16, including a $788-million increase in the Canada...

Final Ice Storm Assistance Payments
2015-12-18 8:47:08 PM

The government of Ontario has now finalized all of its payments to municipalities and conservation authorities that were impacted by the December 2013 ice storm. In total 58 municipalities and conservation areas received over $131 million in funding. See below for the full lis...

Government Still Considering New Revenue Tools for Municipalities
2015-12-11 2:22:35 PM

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ted McMeekin has confirmed that, aside from the land transfer tax, the government is still considering the possibility of giving municipalities new revenue tools. Yesterday in Question Period, in response to a question from opposition ...

UPDATE: Budget Measures Act Passes
2015-12-10 6:40:24 PM

The government's Budget Measures Act has passed third reading and will now become law. As previously noted, the bill, amongst other things, will enact a new corporate forfeited property law, give the Ontario Securities Commission more power, and provide a path forward for addi...

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