Reports & Positions

Voters' List

The voters’ list in Ontario is plagued by inaccuracies, and despite previous promises of reform, has remained a thorn in the side of election administrators across the province, and a constant source of frustration for voters. Neither the use of new technology, nor a willingness to explore new methods of voting have altered the reality that every four years municipalities will be provided with a list of electors that is deeply flawed.  


 Modernizing the Voters' List

Following the 2018 municipal election, AMCTO undertook a post-election survey and further refined our position paper with respect to member perspective. Additionally, this paper outlines support for several Elections Ontario recommendations.

 2015 AMCTO Voters' List Position Paper

This position paper presents the case for a new approach to building the voters’ list in Ontario. There are few issues affecting AMCTO’s approximately 2,200 members that generates such a visceral reaction as the state of the voters’ list for municipal elections in Ontario.

 2015 Voters' List Survey Results

In early 2015 AMCTO conducted a survey to explore its members perceptions of the state of the voters' in Ontario. It examines how the poor quality of the voters' list affects the credibility, costs, use of alternative methods and perception of election administrators.

 2012 Voters' List Discussion Paper

The purpose of this discussion paper was to encourage discussion among AMCTO members on the key issues with Ontario’s approach to the municipal voters’ list, and the long term options for reform. It examines the key issues that affect the voters’ list, including accuracy, costs, absence performance measures, privacy and the potential implications for voter turnout.