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Issue at a Glance

The Issue at a Glance is a regular briefing note series that seeks to provide local government professionals with quick, digestible information on a range of key policy matters.  


 Joint & Several Liability

The joint and several liability system in Ontario is fiscally challenging for municipal governments and has placed disproportionate accountability onto them. This has resulted in higher insurance premiums, increased settlements, and potentially reduced services to the public. This briefing note touches on the issue, recent history and current status.

 The Reporting Burden

Over time, the relationship between the province and municipal governments in Ontario has become increasingly complex. New regulations, funding agreements, and programs have increased the complexity and workload on municipal government. As new requirements were added, too few are ever taken away creating a ‘reporting burden’ for municipalities.

 Voters' List

Municipal elections are held every four years and provide Ontarians the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to vote at the polls. Despite efforts to make the voting process more accessible, an inaccurate list of eligible voters is problematic for the voting public and election administrators.