Reports & Positions

Municipal Legislation & Governance

Local governments are generally well managed, and well liked by their citizens, compared to other levels of government. AMCTO works actively with the Government of Ontario to ensure that municipal public servants have the tools they need to operate in an efficient, effective manner, while offering high quality services to their citizens.  


 Policy Brief: Enterprise Risk Management - A Value-Added Proposition

The municipal sector faces complex challenges as it strives to provide top quality services with ever shrinking budgets. The purpose of this policy brief is to explore how an integrated risk management approach or Enterprise Risk Management [ERM] can help municipalities navigate this tension.

 Policy Brief: Successful Staff/Council Relations - Old Lessons For New Challenges

Experience across Ontario has taught us that there are policies – basic principles and practices or ‘rules of the road’ – that will contribute significantly to municipal Councils getting the very best from the talent and energy of their municipal staff, at all levels. This brief outlines a range of experience-based practices that can be adopted and implemented in municipalities.

 ODRAP Submission

The Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) is a key resource for municipalities. Though municipalities have come to rely on the program as a key source of post-disaster funding, its composition and structure has on a number of occasions left much to be desired. This submission proposes a number of reforms designed to improve the program.