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Budget Advocacy

Across the province the demands that local governments face are becoming increasingly complex. From budget shortfalls, to an infrastructure deficit, aging populations, and a looming social housing crisis, the list of challenges facing the municipal sector continues to grow. AMCTO's budget advocacy is policy advice from municipal public servants. It is designed to enable stronger local governments and healthier local communities.  


 2023 Pre-Budget Submission

Given the unprecedented impacts to municipal financial sustainability, administration, governance, and operations over the past few months, our pre-budget submission brings a wide-angle lens to the challenges facing Ontario communities.

 2022 Pre-Budget Submission

Our 2022 Pre-Budget submission contains recommendations to stabilize municipalities throughout pandemic recovery, and to ensure municipal administration and operations are as effective as possible. These reflect knowledge and advice that will make Ontario’s communities more efficient, safer, and stronger.

 2021 Pre-Budget Submission

The 2021 budget comes at an important time for Ontario’s municipal sector as the province is making its way through another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recommendations include small but impactful actions that can relieve burdens, municipal recovery and resilience actions.

 2020 Pre-Budget Submission

This submission contains recommendations that will guide the provincial government in policy areas that will strengthen Ontario’s local governments in an environment of change and uncertainty. Recommendations include investing in municipal internships, reducing the burden on municipalities, and promoting municipal fiscal sustainability.

 2019 Pre-Budget Submission

AMCTO is pleased to highlight its key priorities for the new government through a series of principled recommendations that maintain the fiscal sustainability of our sector, foster an improved relationship with government, and address key policy reforms for local governments in Ontario.

 2018 Pre-Budget Submission

AMCTO's 2018 pre-budget submission includes 10 recommendations in the three policy areas that we think should be crucial priorities for the 2018 Ontario budget: fiscal sustainability, the reporting burden, and succession planning and capacity building.