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Member in Transition (MIT) 

A Member in Transition is an individual who is:

  • Unemployed;  

  • On long-term disability leave;

  • In receipt of employment insurance benefits.

Provided that immediately prior to their request for classification as a Member in Transition, the individual was a member in good standing of the Association; and was employed by a municipal corporation or a local board or by a government organization directly involved with the activities of a key service area.

Eligibility as a Member in Transition will be limited to maximum period of five years from the date of classification, subject to annual confirmation from the individual, or their employer, that they continue to meet the eligibility criteria. Upon request, the Association may choose to approve an extension of the eligibility period for an individual on a case-by-case basis.

Transition into this category provides ongoing professional and personal support and advice to individual members who are unemployed. Features of this category include:

  • One-year membership in AMCTO at a reduced cost of $56.50 (includes HST).

  • Members receive complete access to all programs and services offered by the Association

  • It allows members to retain any certification held through AMCTO.

  • Two free AMCTO professional development workshop or forum registrations.

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