April 2019
Budget Update: Public Health

2019-04-26 11:20:58 AM

There are a number of items in the province’s recently released budget, Protecting What Matters Most, that will have direct fiscal implications for Ontario’s local governments with some taking immediate effect. Over the next few weeks, AMCTO will spotlight specific budget issues and provide more details when they become available. 

Public Health

As AMCTO reported on our 2019 Provincial Budget update, budget cuts in public health will affect municipal service delivery, namely through the reduction of public-health units from 35 to 10 to “help streamline services by 2020-21.” 

Last Thursday, Health Ministry officials informed public-health representatives across the province that provincial funding for some programs would be cut as much as 50 percent, with municipalities left to fund the remaining gap. As referenced from the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO), the following are the changes to the provincial-municipal cost sharing model for Boards of Health:

  • 2019-20* - 60:40 for Toronto; 70:30 for all other public health units (*as of April 1, 2019);

  • 2020 – 21 – 60:40 for Toronto; 70:30 for other public health units; and

  • 2021-22 – 50:50 for Toronto; 60:40 for 6 regions with population greater than 1 million; 70:30 for 3 regions with a population less than 1 million (10 regional entities).

Toronto Public Health will see their funding reduced by 60 percent for this year and next, and then 50 percent every year after that – this is a cut of $86 million for the next two years and $107 million cut each year after that. For other municipalities in the province, funding will be reduced by 60 to 70 percent depending on the unit. 

Programs that will be affected include food safety, water-quality inspections, and immunization costs. The changes to the cost sharing arrangements are expected to save “$200 million a year by 2021-22” according to the Government.



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