April 2020
Framework for Reopening the Province Released

2020-04-30 10:33:02 AM


Several days ago, Premier Ford presented an initial framework for reopening the Province. The three-stage plan stresses a “gradual” approach and does not reference any specific dates or priority sectors. Instead, it aimed to provide a high-level look at the criteria for when restrictions might be be loosened.

Premier Ford was quoted:

“The framework is about how we’re reopening, not when we’re reopening,” said Premier Doug Ford, adding that "this is a roadmap, it’s not a calendar."

The three stage approach is summarized below:

  • Stage 1 explores the reopening phase for some “select” workplaces and some outdoor spaces, and will increase the number of people allowed at small gatherings, such as funerals.
  • Stage 2 will explore workplaces that may include some service industries and some office and retail spaces. There is an expectation that some larger public gatherings will be permitted.
  • Stage 3 is the final stage that plans to see all workplaces opened along with eased restrictions on public gatherings. However, this is likely to not include events like concerts and sporting events.

The plan indicates that each stage is anticipated to occur for two to four weeks. However, it is noted that the government may move on to the next stage, keep the current stage going, or further restrict measures should cases of COVID-19 begin to surge significantly.

For more information:

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