April 2020
Government Deferring Provincial Land Tax Payments for 90 Days

2020-04-06 2:46:12 PM

CATEGORIES: Finance , Rural Affairs

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ontario government is deferring $15 million in property taxes for people and businesses in certain parts of Northern Ontario that are outside municipal boundaries. This would allow taxpayers in unincorporated areas an extra 90 days to pay the four 2020 Provincial Land Tax installments without incurring interest or penalties.

The deferral applies to all taxes collected through the Provincial Land Tax Bill, including the Provincial Land Tax, education property tax, and any Local Road Board and Local Service Board. The government will continue to provide payments to Local Roads and Services Boards as scheduled. An adjustment of payments to school boards will also be made to offset the deferral.

The recently released 2020 fiscal outlook included $10 billion in spending for tax and other deferrals to respond to the economic impact of COVID-19. This includes deferring the upcoming June 30 quarterly municipal remittance of education property tax to school boards by 90 days.

The Provincial Land Tax is the property tax paid in unincorporated areas of northern Ontario outside municipal boundaries. The tax levied by the province helps fund community services, such as policing, land ambulance, public health, and social services in unincorporated areas.

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