Announcement: Phase 1 Funding for Municipalities under Safe Restart Agreement

2020-08-12 4:24:30 PM

On August 12th 2020, the Province announced the allocation of $1.6 billion in first phase emergency funding under the Safe Restart Agreement with the federal government, to be distributed this Fall.

As AMCTO blogged about previously, the funding under the Agreement is to offset municipal operational costs and to support municipal transit systems.

Funding will be allocated to all 444 municipalities on a per household basis and would be shared 50/50 between upper and lower-tier municipalities. Additional funding will be made available in Phase 2 to eligible municipalities who provide the Province with information on their estimated COVID-19 financial pressures. 

Additionally, over $660 million will be provided in Phase 1 of transit funding to the 110 municipalities with transit systems. As part of the Agreement up to $2 billion is being provided for public transit systems.

Municipal Funding under the Safe Restart Agreement
Ontario News Release


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