Premier Ford addresses delegates at 2020 AMO (Virtual) Conference

2020-08-17 10:33:23 AM


This morning, Premier Doug Ford addressed delegates at the 2020 AMO Conference. As you may know the conference is being delivered virtually this year. 

The Premier's address focussed primarily on the COVID Pandemic and support for economic recovery.

Premier Ford highlighted:

  • Investments Ontario has made in partnership with the federal government under the Safe Restart Agreement and investments made under the Ontario Action Plan
  • Investments Ontario has been making for infrastructure projects.
  • Last week's announcement of $30 million for the 2021-22 Connecting Links Program 
The biggest takeaway from the Premier's address today, was his committment that the Government will be maintaining the current funding envelope  and structure of $500 million for the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund for 2021.

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Premier's AMO Speech

Official 2020 AMO Conference Hashtag #AMOConf20 (also being used is #AMOConf2020)


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