December 2018
Bill 66: Greenbelt Implications

2018-12-10 2:11:38 PM

Last week, the Ontario PC Government introduced Bill 66, the Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act. Part of the Bill would allow municipalities to create “open for business” zoning bylaws that would allow municipalities to bypass numerous existing pieces of legislation for the purpose of job creation, cutting red tape to attract developers, and creating affordable housing. This includes significant water protection acts, most notably The Greenbelt Act - the world’s largest permanently protected green space.

A municipality would require approval of the Minister of Municipal Affairs to pass a by-law that would allow it to approve developments that were traditionally outlawed by The Greenbelt Act. To do so, a municipality would have to prove that the proposed development would create 50 jobs for places with populations under 250,000 or 100 jobs in larger municipalities. 

During the last provincial election, then-candidate Doug Ford’s promised that the PC government would not allow such development in the Greenbelt.

As Bill 66 has only been introduced and debates will not begin until the legislature resumes sitting in February 2019, AMCTO will closely monitor Bill 66’s progress and how it will impact Ontario’s municipalities. 

For more information, please see here:

Globe and Mail, "Ontario bill would open up Greenbelt, activists warn"



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