December 2020
Minister's Annual Report on Drinking Water 2020

2020-12-22 9:47:24 AM

The Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks released the 2020 Annual Report on Drinking Water. According to the ministry, 99.9 per cent of more than 523,000 tests results from municipal residential drinking water systems met Ontario's water quality standards.

Notably, the report also contains a section dedicated to actions to Support First Nations communities: 43 long-term drinking water advisories impacting 26 First Nation communities in Ontario as of December 11th. While a primarily joint federal-First Nation responsibility, the Province has indicated that it is working collaboratively and providing technical advice. 

The report also has a section on actions to address blue-green algae blooms, confirming the occurrence of 91 blue-green algal blooms for the 2020 calendar year.

In a section on actions to protect water sources, the Province acknowledges the important work done by municipalities and conservation authorities to protect source drinking water and highlights a few examples. 

The report also points to proposals out for consultation on Ontario's water taking program through the EBR as AMCTO blogged about previously.

The full report can be read here.



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