February 2020
Waterfront Toronto Delays Approval on Smart City Project

2020-02-17 6:18:08 PM

The Board of Directors of Waterfront Toronto have voted to delay the deadline decision on the Sidewalk Labs’ smart city from March 31st to May 20th. Waterfront Toronto has said the delay was to allow the public to more time to provide feedback on the project.

Sidewalks Labs’, a sister company to Google, was announced two years ago as the lead developer for a data-driven development project along Toronto’s eastern Quayside waterfront.

Due to concerns and criticism on Sidewalk Labs’ proposal on data collection and governance, privacy, transparency and the use of public land, Waterfront Toronto re-considered the initial deal in October. The Board and Sidewalk Lab’s agreed to tentatively move forward instead on a deal that significantly scales back the involvement the infrastructure company would have on the project.

For more information, please see below:

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