January 2020
2020 Pre-Budget Submission – AMCTO Calls for Internship Funding

2020-01-16 4:22:28 PM

CATEGORIES: Advocacy, Finance

AMCTO is pleased to release its 2020 Pre-Budget Submission. Our submission contains recommendations that will guide the provincial government in policy areas and strengthen Ontario’s local governments in an environment of change and uncertainty.

We recommend the government:

Invest in Municipal Internships

  • Re-invest in an AMCTO Municipal Management Internship program that will create and attract talent and allow for succession planning for Ontario’s local governments

  • The return on investment for this program is having more young professionals move to northern and rural communities and enable communities to protect their services and assets

Reduce the Burden on Municipalities

  • Release the list of reduced municipal reports from the 2019 reporting burden initiative

  • Create a comprehensive inventory of provincially required reports for local governments

  • Work with AMCTO on areas of burden reduction relating to key local services

Promote Municipal Fiscal Sustainability

  • Allow municipalities’ access to greater revenue tools

  • Increase the annual escalator of the Federal Gas Tax Fund to 3.5%

  • Protect municipal transfer payments

To read AMCTO’s 2020 Pre-Budget Submission, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Sabena Sandhu, Legislative and Policy Coordinator (ssandhu@amcto.com).


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