July 2016
Building Trust and Funding Public Transit

2016-07-25 1:35:17 PM

A new paper, published by the Institute on Municipal Finance & Governance (IMFG), explores how municipal governments can build better trust with the public to allow them to raise the funds necessary to build public transit. According to the paper:

Cities across Canada face an enormous infrastructure deficit. From 100-year-old water mains to transit systems in vital need of upgrading and expansion, Canadian infrastructure is widely recognized to be in dire straits. And while the majority of Canadians elected a new government that was prepared to run a deficit to fund infrastructure, these funds alone will not cover the investments needed. Local governments need to make significant financial investments, too, and must raise revenues through taxes, user fees, and possibly new revenue tools. But before they can take these actions, they have to build trust to convince their residents that new revenues are needed and will be spent wisely.
You can read the full paper here.


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