July 2018
Speech from the Throne Update

2018-07-12 2:46:04 PM


Today Lieutenant-Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell delivered a Speech from the Throne outlining newly-elected Premier Doug Ford's legislative and policy priorities. The speech noted that in a time of "global turmoil and change" the government would be working to strengthen the bond between the people and their public representatives by focusing on creating jobs, building prosperity, putting Ontario on a healthy financial footing, and "trusting the taxpayer." 

The speech primarily served as an opportunity for the government to highlight and recommit to major promises outlined in the PC party platform, such as: 

  • Reducing the price of gasoline

  • Lowering hydro bills

  • Cutting taxes for individuals and businesses and reducing the red tape and regulatory burden 

  • Scraping the carbon tax and opposing all other carbon tax schemes 

  • Calling a commission of inquiry into the state of Ontario's finances and conducting a line-by-line audit of government spending 

The speech contained few municipal priorities beyond addressing the transportation needs of the City of Toronto and other urban municipalities and respecting the wishes of rural and remote municipalities by ending green energy contacts that were imposed over local objections. We hope and expect that the new government's priorities for the municipal sector become clearer over the coming weeks and months. 

Only a few weeks after taking office Premier Ford's government has already acted quickly on a number of his campaign promises: ending cap-and-trade, revoking the province's updated sex-ed curriculum and changing the governance structure at Hydro One. We expect this rapid pace of change to continue. 

You can find the full throne speech here


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