July 2019
Ontario Begins Second Round of Consultations on Updated Data Strategy

2019-07-31 12:18:57 PM

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The Ontario government is beginning its second phase of consultations on the province’s Data Strategy, which is due to be released at the end of the year.  

The government has also made available a Discussion Paper that is available for comment during this round of consultations. The paper focuses on the strategy’s first pillar of ‘Promoting Public Trust and Confidence’. The paper discusses threats and risks of data-driven practises, such as examples of data breaches and theft, and the opportunities available to promote the ethical and responsible use of technology. The paper also poses specific questions which the public can comment on.

The remaining two pillars that will inform the data strategy are 1) creating economic benefit; and 2) enabling better, smarter government.

Minister of Government and Consumer Services Lisa Thompson says this discussion paper is the first of three that will be released.

You can participate in the second round of consultations by:

  • Participating online through the EngageON platform;

  • Sending a formal written submission on the EngageON platform or emailing digital.government@ontario.ca; and

  • Participating in-person consultations in six locations across the province

The first phase of consultations concluded in March 7, 2019 and involved an online survey with questions to inform the strategy. The survey shows privacy was a top concern for the Ontario public as 79% of the 770 respondents believed better protection was needed for need on people and businesses. 83% of respondents also believed that businesses do not do a sufficient job explaining what they do with data. 

The government has also set up a Digital and Data Task Force who will provide "expertise and insights" into the development of the data strategy.

Ontario is seeking to update its data strategy in light of concerns public’s privacy and data and the development of smart cities. This includes Sidewalks Toronto, a proposed Quayside data-driven development project that will use sensors to detect energy use, traffic, and pollution in the area. 

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