July 2020
Communication from the Deputy Registrar General re: Death Registration

2020-07-08 4:36:04 PM

On July 6th, the Deputy Registrar General sent a memo to Ontario Division Registrars on the Submission of Death Registrations.
It was noted that the partnership between the Ontario Registrar General (ORG) and Ontario registrars has allowed this important service to continue throughout the pandemic and highlighted the expedited issuance process through the use of electronic Medical Certificate of Death (eMCOD).
The Deputy Registrar General has asked that as re-opening continues to move forward, that original death and stillborn registration documents received are forwarded to the ORG for registration at the beginning of each week to allow for timely submission to Statistics Canada. The Office also flagged the importance of quality data which relies on complete and accurate documents. Registrars are asked to ensure that documents received from funeral directors are complete and error free with particular attention paid to:

  • Date of death are consistent between the Statement of Death and the Medical Certificate of Death;
  • Age or date of birth of the deceased is accurate;
  • Place of birth of the deceased is included; and
  • The marital status of the deceased is captured.
For more information please see: Memo to Ontario Registrars - Submissions of Death Registration


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