July 2021
New Paper on AI and the Municipal Sector

2021-07-19 9:48:45 AM

StrategyCorp released a white paper on Artificial Intelligence and the municipal sector.

Author, Michael Fenn, explores this "distributive technology" in the context of both disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic wherein the municipal sector had to be agile and adapt by rapidly increasing digitization and rely more on technology, and the "future of work" and the impact of automation on job function. 

The paper suggests that while municipalities and the wider sector may have weathered the pandemic-well with financial support from other orders of government, it needs to be prepared to address other disruptive changes that could impact the way they operate in the future. The use of Artifical Intelligence or AI is one of those distruptions. 

The paper explores some of the opportunities for continuous improvement that AI may bring to repetative tasks through automation including increasing efficiency and allowing public servants to work more collaboratively and across spaces and functions. The paper then presents some high level thoughts on how municipal leadership can prepare for the change that AI brings and rethink the ways in which municipalities operate.

Read the White paper on AI in full:  Another Victim of COVID-19? The Municipal Status Quo


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