June 2017
List of Bills Passed During the Spring Session

2017-06-05 8:50:06 AM

During its spring sitting the Ontario legislature passed 17 bills, addressing a range of issues from energy, housing, and healthcare, to the economy and municipal affairs. Here is a full list of the bills passed: 

Bill 27, Burden Reduction Act 

  • Designed to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses 

Bill 39, Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act 

  • Designed to modernize the regulatory environment for resource extraction in Ontario, while boosting economic growth and strengthening environmental protections 

Bill 59, Putting Consumers First Act

  • Introduces a range of measures designed to protection consumers from predatory business practices 

Bill 65, Safer School Zones Act 

  • Amongst other things would allow municipalities to use photo radar (ADD LINK) and set default speed limits in community safety and school zones

Bill 68, Modernizing Ontario's Municipal Legislation Act

Bill 84, Medical Assistance in Dying Statute Law Amendment Act 

  • Designed to provide greater clarity about medical assistance in dying for healthcare practitioners, families, and patients 

Bill 87, Protecting Patients Act 

  • Designed to introduce a number of changes to the healthcare system, specifically to protect patients 

Bill 89, Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act

  • Designed to strengthen the child welfare system, by introducing a series of reforms to the child welfare system 

Bill 92, School Boards Collective Bargaining Amendment Act 

  • Introduces a series of reforms to the collective bargaining process for unions in the education sector 

Bill 95, Protecting Vulnerable Energy Consumers Act 

  • Gives the the Ontario Energy Board the power to force utility companies to stop disconnecting customers for non-payment 

Bill 96, Anti-Human Trafficking Act 

  • Introduces a series of reforms that are designed to protect the victims of human trafficking and increase the supports for survivors 

Bill 111, Supply Act

  • Provides statutory authority for spending by government ministries and legislative offices during the 2016-17 fiscal year 

Bill 114, Anti-Racism Act 

  • Embeds in law, Ontario's Anti-Racism Directorate, and allows the government to mandate the collection of race data across the public sector 

Bill 124, Rental Fairness Act 

  • Extends rent control to all private rental units, including those occupied on or after November 1, 1991 

Bill 127, Stronger, Healthier Ontario Budget Act 

  • Part 1 of the government's budget legislation used to implement budget commitments 

Bill 132, Fair Hydro Act 

  • Lowers electricity bills in Ontario by an average of 25 per cent for all residential consumers 

Bill 134, Budget Measures Act 

  • The second half of Ontario's budget legislation 


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