June 2020
OMERS Plan Changes

2020-06-24 4:27:09 PM

CATEGORIES: Human Resources

And...we are back!
We are gearing up to be a bit more regular in the next while, so bear with us! 
In the meantime, we would like to share some news from our friends at OMERS.
As part of their 2020 Plan Review, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation Board made several amendments to the OMERS Pension Plans, some of which may be beneficial as a result of COVID-19 impacts, including:

  • extending leave purchase deadlines;
  • reducing or eliminating the 36 month employment requirement for purchases of periods of reduced pay;
  • permitting temporary layoffs as purchasable service;
  • non-full time expansion; and 
  • shared risk indexing. 
Please visit the OMERS Sponsors Corporation website for further information. OMERS' dedicated website for the 2020 Plan Review  will remain public for the foreseeable future for reference. 


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