May 2017
Ministry of Transportation Consulting on Display Screens and Hand-held Devices

2017-05-09 12:48:58 PM

CATEGORIES: Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation is currently looking for feedback on regulations about the use of display screens and hand-held devices, such as two-way radios. Currently certain sectors are exempted from rules against using and holding hand-held devices while driving, such as public employees (eg. bus drivers), commercial drivers and amateur radio operators. However, these exemptions are set to expire on January 1, 2018.

The Ministry is currently exploring three options to address the expiry of these exemptions:

  1. Extend the exemption for hand-held use of two-way radios for an additional seven years.

  2. Make the exemption permanent.

  3. Allow the exemption to expire (making hand-held use of devices illegal and requiring all currently exempted drivers to use hands-free alternatives only).

Find our more about this proposal, or comment here.


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