May 2017
New Report on Regulating Disruptive Technology

2017-05-26 10:54:46 AM

The Mowat Centre has released a new report on how governments can better adapt their regulatory approaches to new disruptive technologies. According to the report:

“Governments across the world are scrambling to respond to the arrival of innovative new digital services such as Uber, Netflix and Airbnb. While these services promise great benefits for Canadians, they also pose novel regulatory challenges to how governments are structured, engage with stakeholders and hire and train their staff.”

This is a problem that the municipal sector in Ontario has been grappling with, as new services like Uber and Airbnb have fanned out across the province. However, as disruptive as these technologies have been, they are simply the first wave in what is likely to be a more sustained period of disruption.

This report argues that governments at all three levels in Canada need to begin preparing to undertake a serious and sustained effort to adapt and evolve their regulatory practices from the industrial age to the digital age.

Read the full report here


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