May 2019
Ontario Proposing Changes on Excess Soil

2019-05-02 1:51:34 PM

The provincial government is introducing changes that will clarify rules for managing and transporting excess soil and will also increase penalties for those who dump soil illegally. The government says this will reduce the risk of soil being mismanaged and put vacant lands back to use.

As posted on the Environmental Registry, the government is proposing the following changes: 

  • Clarifying rules associated with the reuse and management of excess soil, including requiring developers, haulers, and excess soil recipients to register the quality, quantity, and destination of the soil
  • Redeveloping and revitalizing vacant lands 
  • Increasing enforcement measures against polluters by imposing administrative penalties and modernizing the process to seize vehicle plates for environmental infractions. The penalities include a fine of up to $200,000 per violation. 

Such changes are open to feedback by the province from May 1st to May 30th. 

These proposals are part of the Made-In-Ontario Environmental Plan

For more information, please see below: 

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