June 2019
Ontario’s NDP Leader Introduces Bill 121

2019-06-04 2:17:26 PM

Ontario’s NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath, yesterday introduced Bill 121, Municipal Representation and Restructuring Protection Act, 2019. The Bill endorses the principle that the relationship between the provincial and local governments should be based on mutual respect, consultation, and co-operation. 

Below is a brief summary of what Bill 121 proposes: 

Section 2: Restriction on changes to municipalities

  • Prohibits the inclusion of Bill provisions that affects at least one municipality unless the following conditions are met.

    • The province has given public notice of the proposed change in the affected municipalities

    • The province has held consultations on the proposed change with the public in the affected municipalities 

    • Councils of the affected municipalities must approve the proposed change via by-law

  • This section applies to:

    • Changes to the composition of a municipal council

    • Changes to the boundaries of at least one ward in a municipality

    • The merger of all or part of a municipality to another 

    • The amalgamation of a municipality with another 

    • The separation/joining of a local municipality from/to an upper-tier municipality  

    • The dissolution of all or part of a municipality 

Section 3: Same, changes by regulations

  • Prohibits the changing of regulations unless the conditions for section 2 are met

While government sources say that the Ontario PCs would not back this Bill, Horwath says that it is still important “to pass legislation that outlines the principles the government should abide by” as “Doug Ford shouldn’t be able to play mayor in Ontario’s municipalities on a whim.”

Ontario’s current PC government have passed a series of Bills that have been criticized by local government leaders since coming into power last June. 

It should be noted that private member’s bills rarely become law. 

For more information, please see below: 

CBC News: NDP introduces bill that would curb power of province to change municipalities


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