May 2022
Ontario Election Called for June 2nd

2022-05-04 10:01:02 AM

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The Premier has visited Lt Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell and advised that parliament should be dissolved. Accepting this advice yesterday, the Lt Governor ordered that the election writs be drawn up and issued- as Steve Paikin has informed, writs are not dropped, despite the wide use of the term. This process officially closes the 42nd Parliament of the Legislative Assembly and gets the election campaign off the ground.

Unfortunately, that means that any remaining bills on the order paper “die” and would have to be reintroduced in the next parliamentary sitting. This includes a number of Private Members Bills and the recently introduced Budget implementation bill.  

The next sitting of the Legislature is scheduled for September 12th, though like after the 2018 provincial election, the Legislature could be recalled earlier with a Speech from the Throne and potentially a budget introduction.

With the writs being drawn today, the Provincial Election will take place on June 2nd. In the lead up, Elections Ontario has already kicked off its communications campaign talking about voter eligibility, promoting its new app and getting the word out about more ways to vote including 10 advance polling days.  

From AMCTO’s perspective, over the past several months, the Association’s policy and government relations work focussed on preparing for the provincial election including the release of AMCTO’s Local Government Priorities for the 2022 Provincial Election. Discussions were held on these priorities and recommendations with government officials and opposition leaders during the ROMA Conference.
Please review and download AMCTO's Local Government Priorities Toolkit to support advocacy in your community.
AMCTO’s recommendations for the incoming government include:

  • Providing stable, predictable funding and investment;
  • Supporting continuous improvement through a strengthened municipal-provincial partnership; and
  • Investing in skills development and training for the next generation of municipal leaders.
Finally, AMCTO staff have been tracking party platform announcements and will provide members with information on the election promises with local government and municipal administration impacts in the coming days.  


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