May 2023
Federal Public Service Data Strategy

2023-05-03 8:05:00 AM

The federal public service has released its 2023-2026 Data Strategy for the Federal Public Service. The Strategy supports government-wide priorities and aims to align and shape the landscape of federal, national and international digital and data-related initiatives. 

In 2018, the public service published the Data Strategy Roadmap for the Federal Public Service, which set a foundation to drive the government’s use of data to improve how it interacts with people, businesses, organizations and other partners.The 2023-2026 Strategy builds on this and sets renewed priorities, goals and expectations for the federal public service through:

  • Outlining the current policy landscape that relates to data;
  • Describing a long-term strategic vision;
  • Identifying actions over the next three years that will move the public service closer to that goal; and
  • Highlighting real-world case studies that demonstrate value for Canadians because of the better use of data.
The Strategy is organized into four mission areas: proactively considering data by design, effectively stewarding data for decision making, improving user experience by enabling data-driven services and empowering the public service with the talent and tools it needs. These mission areas and corresponding action plans may be of interest to municipalities who are considering data initiatives in their own communities. 



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