November 2016
Province to Introduce Legislation Allowing Municipalities to Use Photo Radar

2016-11-09 3:44:57 PM

The government has announced its plans to introduce legislation that would allow municipalities to use photo radar to detect speeding, amongst other measures designed to fight speeding. Specifically, the government's proposal would allow municipalities to:

  1. Use automated speed enforcement (ASE, commonly referred to as photo radar) technology on municipal roads
  2. Create zones with reduced speed limits
  3. Streamline the process to adopt and use red light cameras
The announcement follows the release of public polling data in February that suggested 49 percent of Ontarians approve of photo radar.

Do you approve or disapprove of photo radar?
Source: Forum Research [/caption]  

In February all three major party leaders also indicated their support for photo radar: Premier Kathleen Wynne:
“I look forward to getting the formal request from the mayor. This is a request that’s coming from the City of Toronto. In terms of the broader discussion, that discussion is going on right now in terms of costs of policing across the province. What I said before is, these concerns and these requests have to come from the municipalities.”
Patrick Brown, Leader of the Official Opposition:
“The reality is, municipalities are desperately looking at new funding mechanisms because of underfunding. The reality is, this provincial government cut infrastructure funding to municipalities, and they’re forced to look at different ways to collect revenue…I’m never going to be dead-set against anything without actually reading the proposal first and seeing specifics.”
Andrea Horwath, Leader of the NDP:
“I know my own municipality of Hamilton has raised it as well, and sent a letter to the premier asking for photo radar on one of our major highways, called the Linc. Obviously, municipalities are concerned about the speed of traffic within their boundaries and they’re looking for solutions.”
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