November 2016
Support for Road Tolls Sharply Divided

2016-11-29 9:20:18 AM

New polling shows that support for the use of road tolls in the GTHA is deeply divided, with drivers the least supportive and cyclists the most supportive. Last week City of Toronto Mayor John Tory outlined his support for using road tolls on the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway, setting off a debate amongst City of Toronto councillors and residents. According to the data, published by Forum Research, 46% of respondents approved of the use of tolls, while 45% disapproved, and 9% were unsure.  

Do you approve or disapprove of road tolls?  

Source: Forum Research 

Support seems to be evenly split across age groups. Only those in the 45-54 age demographic showed any deviation, being approximately 10% less likely to support road tolls than respondents in other demographics.  

Support for tolls, by age 

Source: Forum Research

There is a steep divide, however, based on the mode of transportation that respondents use. Those who drive were more likely to be opposed to tolls, while those who use other forms of transportation, especially bikes, were more likely to be supportive.  

Support for road tolls, by type of transportation  
Source: Forum Research


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