November 2017
MEA Regulation Posted

2017-11-15 3:49:32 PM


Last week the government posted a regulation that would operationalize a number of aspects of the Municipal Elections Act. The draft regulation outlines proposals for the following areas:

  • That candidate nominations to be endorsed by 25 elector signatures be exempted for municipalities with less than 4,000 electors.

  • That third party advertiser spending limits vary by the number of electors in the municipality in which the third party advertiser is registered. The following formula for calculating third party spending limits: $5,000 plus $0.05 per elector, to a maximum of $25,000 is proposed.

    • The proposed formula consists of a base amount plus a per elector amount to a predetermined maximum.

  • That the spending limit for parties and other expressions of appreciation after voting day be set at 10% of the general spending limit to be consistent with the spending limit already in place for candidates.

See the full Municipal Elections Act General Regulation. Comments can be submitted until January 9th 2018. 



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