November 2018
Update on OMERS Comprehensive Plan Review

2018-11-22 9:26:48 AM

On November 15, following a review of its Comprehensive Plan, the Board of Directors of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) Sponsors Corporation (SC) voted in favour of the following proposed changes: 

  • Eliminate the current 35-year cap for credited service; and 

  • Allow paramedics to negotiate the NRA 60 participation 

AMCTO provided a submission to OMERS regarding the proposed plan changes and the above two changes were not opposed by the association as it felt they addressed matters of fairness. However, AMCTO remains somewhat concerned that the proposed plan changes that would have significantly addressed the future sustainability of the OMERS plan were not approved by the Sponsors Corporation. 

For more information: 

OMERS SC - Update on the Comprehensive Plan Review


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