October 2016
Upcoming Event on P3 Fundamentals

2016-10-13 8:22:27 PM

CATEGORIES: Infrastructure

The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships is hosting an event for people who are either new to P3s, or have less experience with their application and use. See below for more details:

P3 FUNDAMENTALS is a terrific development opportunity for those who are new to or less experienced in the P3 space. The seminar is especially well suited for junior to mid-level private sector staff, senior municipal staff, (city managers, planners, transportation services), and legislators and policy advisors who are considering the use of public-private partnerships. The seminar will offer perspectives on when and where P3’s work best, and insights into the differences between P3 procurement and the traditional approach. The program includes interactive sessions and presentations on risk transfer, value for money, the role of procurement agencies, and offer a review of two P3 case studies. Register: http://www.p3fundamentals.ca/Register-Now?lang=en-CA Program: http://www.p3fundamentals.ca/Program?lang=en-CA


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