October 2019
AMCTO Win: Voters’ List and Regional Governance Review

2019-10-25 2:18:13 PM

CATEGORIES: Elections, Advocacy

AMCTO is pleased that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, addressed two of AMCTO’s policy priorities during his address at AMO’s Fall Policy Forum today:

  • Voters’ List

  • Regional Governance Review

1)  Minister Clark announced the government's intention to give Elections Ontario the responsibiility to assume the municipal voters' list. AMCTO has long advocated that the voters’ list for Ontario’s local government elections is plagued with inaccuracies leading to difficulties in administering elections and creating a hardship for voters. AMCTO’s members have consistently voiced their concerns on how it impacts the ability to administer elections effectively and efficiently.

Past AMCTO work includes three position papers advocating for a new approach and namely arguing that Elections Ontario should assume the municipal voters’ list. More recently, AMCTO discussed the voters’ list with Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey, Minister of Finance’s Parliamentary Assistant Stan Cho, and raised concerns with Minister Clark and his team.

While details are not yet known, AMCTO is pleased with Minister Clark’s leadership on supporting this key reform. We look forward to making available the expertise of our membership to aid the government on this transformative change.

For more information, please see below:

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2) Equally, AMCTO is pleased to learn that there will be no forced amalgamation in the context of the recent regional governance review. The Ontario government will instead be providing municipalities with resources to support local decision-making. AMCTO advocated that any changes or recommendations regarding the review were to be made in partnership with local governments and other professionals.  

For more information, please see below:

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AMCTO would like to thank our members for their expertise and ongoing input on both files – our work would not be complete without your invaluable assistance to inform the association’s policy priorities to support more effective local service delivery to Ontarians.   

Other notable announcements made during Minister Clark’s speech include:

  • A fund of $125 million over four years to 405 small and rural municipalities. The funding will be application based and will help municipalities conduct service delivery reviews and improve the process of public service delivery.

  • Ontario’s 39 largest municipalities will receive $6 million in funding annually to 2022-23 to increase effectiveness and reduce costs by supporting line-by-line reviews, audits, and other service reviews

  • The government will begin consultations to potentially align provincial and municipal fiscal years, continue to consult on the Community Benefits Charges on the Development Charges Act and start consultations in November on the new Administrative Authority regarding changes to the Building Code Services.


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