October 2020
Regulatory Registry Posting: Limiting Municipalities from Regulating Noise

2020-10-08 10:34:03 AM

Under Bill 215, Main Street Recovery Act, 2020
Consultation Timeline: October 7 2020 - November 21 2020 (45 days)
Ministry: Municipal Affairs and Housing
Further details and to comment: https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/019-2514
As noted in this blog post, through the Province’s Bill 215, a new regulation-making authority for the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing would be enacted to authorize municipalities to regulate noise related to the delivery of goods to certain businesses and prescribe conditions and limits to exercise those powers.
In March 2020, the Province made regulations to place limitations under s. 451.1 of the Municipal Act and section 25 of the City of Toronto Act respectively, that limited the ability of municipalities to prohibit and regulate with respect to noise made from the of delivery of goods. This was to ensure that goods could be delivered to retailers to ensure essential items could be restocked as a result of shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These regulations were to be revoked on September 19, 2021, but the proposed bill and any accompany regulations put in place, would make this permanent if proclaimed.

Currently, the EBR posting is open for initial comments with a 'broader' consultation through the EBR expected prior to changes coming into force and regulations made whenever the Schedules of the bill are proclaimed, should the bill receive Royal Assent.

Edited: October 13 2020 for minor addition


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