September 2019
Ontario Government Releases Second Discussion Paper on Data Strategy

2019-09-23 3:40:53 PM

CATEGORIES: Access & Privacy

As part of the government's ongoing consultations to update Ontario's Data Strategy, a second discussion paper has been released, which will be available for comment until October 9th, 2019.

This discussion paper focuses on economic benefits and explores where Ontario should be in the data economy according to trends and how to get there.

The paper discusses how a partnership with the federal and municipal levels of government will digitize the province’s economy creating “data-driven economic benefits”.

Data-sharing is key to this goal and is one that includes municipal involvement. The provincial government is proposing to help municipal governments use data more easily to provide better services and enable data-driven Ontario businesses, including employment and population data. The government argues that businesses can then pull certain open data, such as employment and population data, to enhance the value for Ontarinas and businesses in areas such as mapping and analytics.  

This strategy has been implemented in the UK where, for example, Tesco (a UK grocery store chain) has combined weather data from the federal government with data on the purchasing patterns of Tesco customers to inform their consumer activity. One instance was weather data indicating an 18 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature, which led to an increase of sales in barbeque meat and lettuce. This suggested that increasing stock of such products would be a smart investment and reduce revenue losses and reduce losses relating to food spoiling.  

On a municipal level, the Region of Durham’s Council in 2016 approved a recommendation that would provide the Region’s open data to Google to update its mapping information to provide more accurate data. This would be in line with where the government would like to go with enhancing access to data for businesses.

In their discussion paper, the government says that in all cases the data will be released whilst protecting personal privacy and government security.

The government is due to release their Data Strategy by the end of this year.

To participate in the consultations on Ontario’s Data Strategy, please click here.

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