AMCTO boasts a strong networking environment for local government professionals who can engage with each other at educational events, across geographical zones, and via our on-line channels

Connecting Local Government Professionals

AMCTO is a large community of professionals working across local government.  One of the benefits of being associated with AMCTO is the access and connectivity that is afforded as a member.  As an association, AMCTO undertakes many efforts to help facilitate networking and connectivity, including the following:

AMCTO Zones provide geographical connectivity to allow professionals to connect regionally on matters of common interest.  Zone meetings are held both in the Spring and Fall. 

Peer Networking with Ontario's largest community of local government professionals is of tangible value for many navigating their career. Much peer networking occurs in person and increasingly more on-line through social media and discussion forums.  

The AMCTO Mentorship Program is a formal program for members to be paired as mentee and mentor for the period of one year whereby the association provides a platform and support to increase mentorship activity. 

These opportunities only scratch the surface of ways to which our members connect.